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Cycling Tips

Cycling training plans for 100km rides (make that cycling training programs for 60 mile bike rides if you are from a non-metric country) are dime-a-dozen on the internet, so we have sourced the best advice and tips from industry-leading experts, all tailored to making your next Cape Town Cycle Tour your best yet.

Where to Hit the Roads These Holidays in Pursuit of CTCT Fitness

December school holidays are a great time to be a South African. The sun is out, half the country seems

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Three nutrition strategies for diabetic athletes tackling the Cape Town Cycle Tour

Thanks to various studies and much intense research, the past decade has seen a remarkable increase in the scientific understanding

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Three reasons to enter #CTCycleTour2019

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is the biggest road cycling event on the South African calendar. There are less than

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It’s never too late to train!

The 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour is just four weeks away. Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday you still had

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Stay Fit Over Christmas

Ho, ho, hum It is so tempting. That second (third) helping of pud, the lie-in, the whole catch-up-in-January feeling that

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100 KM Training Programme

Here is a simple 100km training programme, whether you want to better your personal best or out sprint your buddies,

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