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We Deliver On Our Promise.

We are increasing our contribution to over 3 million litres water.

(Cape Town) As already communicated, it is the intention that the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour will draw zero litres of drinking water from the municipal supply on event day.

Furthermore, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust (CTCTT) has committed to offsetting the water footprint of the estimated 15 000 participants from beyond the Western Cape by introducing in excess of 3-million litres of water to Cape Town from areas not experiencing drought.  Since making this announcement last month, the CTCTT have been working closely with the City of Cape Town around the mechanics of how this water will be introduced back into the municipal reticulation system.

Says David Bellairs, a Director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, “We are extremely grateful to Swellendam municipality, its Municipal Manager Anton Groenewald and Mayor Nico Myburgh for their generous offer of 2.2-million litres of potable water. Our hydration partners, Coca Cola Peninsula Beverages, have committed to providing the transport solution from Swellendam to Cape Town.  This is a mammoth undertaking – which is expected to take upwards of two weeks – and which could not be achieved without their specialist assistance”.

Responding to the motivation for their donation, Swellendam Executive Mayor Nicholas Myburgh said, “Swellendam municipality, independently rated as the number one municipality in South Africa, has been the proud host of the prestigious Coronation Double Century for the past 10 years. Through this event, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust and its partners provide an annual economic injection of over R15-million to the town of Swellendam and surrounds. So when the call came out recently that the Cycle Tour would offset the water consumption of 15 000 visitors by sourcing water from a non-drought stricken area, we immediately responded for 3 reasons.

“Firstly, as stated above, the Cycle Tour organisers are our partners in an annual event which is very important to the people and economy of Swellendam. We consider ourselves duty-bound to assist David Bellairs and his team at CTCTT in alleviating the water-crisis that the organisers face in Cape Town. Secondly, Swellendam Municipality is gratefully one of only three municipalities in the Western Cape that is free of any water restrictions.  Our collective raw water storage dams have remained steadily above the 80% mark throughout the past year. As such, we are thankfully not facing the same challenges that some of our fellow citizens and neighbouring municipalities are currently dealing with. Thirdly and finally, we are a caring community and wish to share what limited resources we may have with the hope and aim of demonstrating that in a time of need, even the smallest can help the biggest among us.

“In recent times, the notion of being too big to falter has frequently been proven wrong. If anything, it has demonstrated that when the strongest among us stumble, the consequences for the smallest of us can be equally dire. We remain committed to lending support where we can, and express the hope that some of the many thousands of riders and visitors who come to Cape Town to participate in this iconic annual event will look kindly on visiting Swellendam and surrounds while they are here.”

“As part of its mitigation plan to deal with the water crisis, CCPB invested in three 33,000 litre food-grade water tankers to transport water from sources outside the water stressed areas. Following an announcement by the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust last month, and as one of the major partners of the Cape Town Cycle Tour, we were very pleased to offer the use of the tankers to deliver the water required by the CTCTT,” says Priscilla Urquhart Public Affairs and Communication Manager from Coca Cola Peninsula Beverages.

Concludes David Bellairs, “The additional provision of water, which takes the Cycle Tour water contribution to over 3-million liters, has been part of a private donation that has been added to the Steenbras Dam supply and has been audited by the City of Cape Town.”

In addition to the provision of over 3-million litres of water, eliminating the event’s reliance on municipal drinking water will be achieved through a variety of strategies including:

–          Bringing water from upcountry for drinking and ice on the route, and using locally-produced desalinated water for all cleansing purposes. Water stations along the route will be reduced to the 14 essential from a medical point of view.

–          All suppliers related to Cycle Tour are required to sign service level agreements specifying their usage and where that water comes from, and requiring a commitment to our Water Policy. No suppliers may utilise water for our event that comes directly off the City Grid.

 –          Cycle tour has 360 toilets that are utilised throughout the event.  Sanitech is our service provider and all water utilised by them will be greywater, obtained from various treatment plants.

–          Waterless soap solutions are being provided as opposed to wash basins for handwashing.

–          We will be monitoring and educating spectators on route to ensure there is no spraying down of cyclists or portable pools in use on event day.

–          All water ballast previously utilised for weighting down structures has been changed to cement blocks. 

–          All refreshment station water will be privately supplied and will not come from the City water grid.  We are also providing clearly marked grey water systems whereby excess water will be put into grey water bins provided and taken to a water treatment plant post Cycle Tour. 


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