Women’s Elite Invitational Race – Cape Town Cycle Tour

Women’s Elite Invitational Race

(07 March 2018, Cape Town)  Following a request and extensive discussion with the Women’s Commission of Cycling South Africa and representatives of the Cape Town Cycle Tour, it has been agreed that we will facilitate a Women’s only Invitational start group in Glencairn.

All elite and U23 women that have been seeded into the % start group will have the option to start at a new revised start area on the corner of Main Road and Blackhill Road/Glencairn Expressway. The start time for the Invitational will be at 06:15 – light permitting – and the distance is 76km.

It is important to note that the prize monies and title for the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour will be awarded to the winner of this start group. The U23 category title will also be awarded to a participant from this group. For the sake of clarity, should an U23 rider win the event, they will receive both the overall winners title as well as the U23 title.

All other age category awards will go to those participants in the traditional 109km Cape Town Cycle Tour.

We thank the City of Cape Town for going the extra mile in facilitating this new opportunity for women’s racing and wish all participants a safe and successful race.


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