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2023 Cape Town Cycle Tour participating charities

IGH Foundation

Contact: AD Spangenberg

IGH Foundation is a non profitable organization who dedicate their time to raise funds for people suffering from Cancer.

Categories: Health, Kids.

M’dala Trust / Old Legs Trust

Contact: Chris Bradshaw

Mdala Trust supports destitute pensioners in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We have 31 pensioners on our books who we have made a commitment to support for the rest of their lives. We also fund annual food parcels to the elderly, and recently have spent R1 Million on solar projects to support old age homes. Mdala Trust partners with Old Legs Trust (Zimbabwe) who we work closely with, who do extensive annual cycle tours, fund raising for Medical needs for destitute pensioners. In 2022 we are having 14 hip and knee replacements operations for people who do not have the resources to fund these themselves. It is our endeavour to partner with OLT for the Argus event and invite sympathetic donors and notable people to raise awareness of the elderly need and help fund raise to support them.

Categories: Social Services.

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation

Contact: Ernst Gerber

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is one of Nelson Mandela’s three official legacy organisations, founded in 2003 in partnership with the Rhodes Trust.

Our purpose is to build exceptional leadership capacity in Africa. We find, fund, and empower young Africans who aspire to use their talents to serve their societies and our continent. We do this by providing a postgraduate scholarship for young leaders to study in South Africa and participate in a residential Leadership Development Programme. Our programme is built on Nelson Mandela’s belief that leadership begins with inner transformation, and our founding principles of reconciliation, education, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Categories: Education.

.ILoveBoobies za

Contact: Nicky Webb
082 820 2098

Our primary mission at ILoveBoobies is to provide free breast examinations to South African women who are unable to access such medical services due to financial, locational or social challenges. At the same time, we create awareness and support amongst and for the greater public.
We use sport as a platform to advocate that a healthy and active lifestyle will greatly reduce your risk of cancer.

Cape Town Cycle Tour is one of our biggest fundraising, education and awareness events each year. Our aim is to provide 500 free breast cancer screenings after the event in local communities along the route. We will have 100+ cyclists in our group, please join us for the most fun in the lead-up to the race. On race day it’s up to you, fun or fast or fast-fun. Get in touch and join the pink train.

Categories: Education, Health, Social Services, Sports.

Le Cap Sportif

Contact: Thomas FUSS
079 468 2068

Le Cap Sportif is non-profit organization whose aim is to animate the French-speaking community of sports enthusiasts in and around Cape Town. But of course, our association is open to all.
Experienced or aspiring sportsmen and women, native French speakers or English speakers sympathetic to French speakers, Cape Town residents or just passing through.
Our missions are:
– Animating the community around sport – The sport that you watch. Every opportunity is good to have a good time with sport. A good match? A competition?
– Promoting and facilitating the practice of sport – The sport that is played. Led by sportsmen and women, the association federates around events such as the Cycle Tour or monthly activities accessible to all.
– Supporting local community sports projects – Helping through sport. The teams that have passed through Cap Sportif have always been committed to helping the community through sports-related projects.

All profits from the Cycle Tour entries sale will go to the charity program.

Categories: Sports.

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA)

Contact: Leillani Geduld

CANSA is a leader in the fight against cancer in South Africa, since 1931, the purpose of the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), is to offer a unique, integrated service to the public and to all people affected by cancer. Our CANSA Active Campaign gives you the opportunity to participate in your favourite sporting activity while raising funds online to support our educational campaigns on lowering cancer risk and our holistic care & support to those affected by cancer.

Categories: Education, Health.

Operation Smile South Africa

Contact: Ronel Visagie

Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity that performs safe, effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery and delivers post-operative and ongoing medical therapy to children in low and middle-income countries. We dream of a world where no child suffers from a lack of access to safe surgery. Every 3 minutes a child is born somewhere in the world with a cleft condition. In Southern Africa, where safe surgery is not always freely available or accessible, a child may have to wait years for the chance to live a normal life. With more than 6,000 active medical volunteers from all around the world, Operation Smile is one of the world’s largest volunteer-based nonprofit organisations. Our supporters are people from all walks of life, who believe that anyone born with a cleft condition deserves safe, effective, and timely surgery and care.

Categories: Health.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Contact: Natasha Johannes

Oldest animal welfare organisation in the country. A registered non-profit organisation (NPO 003-244) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 930004317), the society relies on the support of concerned individuals and corporates to continue operating. Over the past 150 years we have diligently carried out our mission to prevent cruelty to animals. This is done through education, law enforcement, veterinary care services (operating an animal hospital, and four mobile clinics serving impoverished communities), an Animal Care Centre, Horse Care and Farmyard Unit, and Wildlife Facility.

Categories: Animals, Environment.


Contact: Claudia Waller

Greenpop is an award-winning registered non-profit organisation headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.

We work to restore ecosystems and empower environmental stewards through forest restoration, urban greening, food gardening, and environmental awareness projects across Sub- Saharan Africa. Founded in 2010, we have planted over 150,000 trees and inspired over 132,000 active citizens across South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania.

Categories: Environment.

The Cycle of Life Charity Funds

Contact: Rene Lanfear

In 2014, at the height of rhino poaching, a small group of mutually concerned friends, determined to assist, entered the Cape Town Cycle Tour to raise funds to support the anti-poaching efforts in Zululand.
The following year, through word of mouth, our team grew and what started out as a once off fund-raiser, has grown into an annual event, with interest and encouragement increasing each year. This lead to The Cycle of Life Charity Funds becoming a registered NPO which allows for Section 18A certificates to be issued to donors.
The funds raised to date, have been spent in many areas including rhino dehorning, installation of surveillance equipment, uniforms and facilities for the anti-poaching unit, and medical and food costs for orphaned and injured animals. In addition, support is provided to learners at the local schools by way of school supplies for young learners as well as a water project which includes a borehole, pump and pipes, ensuring running water to the community.

Categories: Animals.


Contact: Rosabelle Riese
021 9755459

They are a quadriplegic centre in Durbanville. All permanent residents are wheelchair bound and they have to rely on donations and money they generate through their own initiatives. When you visit their facility, you are humbled by the fact that they are not asking for any handouts and are proud of all the projects they are managing to provide themselves with funds. Please click on the website link and see what they are about. They have links for donations and also the projects they are managing.

Categories: Social Services.

The Bookery

Contact: zulfa buziek

We create well stocked and well-run libraries in under resourced public schools in South Africa. Since its establishment in 2013,The Bookery has opened 99 school libraries in the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape and Gauteng. The Bookery has provided over 85 000 school learners with access to 346,000 books.

Categories: Education.

iKhaya le Temba Project (The Home of Hope)

Contact: Antoinette Crane

iKhaya le Themba Project was established 18 years ago in partnership with parents and carers in the community of Imizamo Yethu, an informal settlement in Hout Bay, Cape Town. The purpose-built campus is an after-school facility that provides a safe place, quality educational and holistic support for 107 orphaned and vulnerable children and their extended families who live in extreme poverty in Imizamo Yethu. iKhaya’s 11 staff operate a daily homework lab with a focus on isiXhosa, English, Literacy, Maths, Literacy & Life Skills. They act as educational mentors to encourage the students to thrive in school and become all that they dream to be despite their present circumstances.  iKhaya collaborates with global volunteers and internships through global universities and volunteer programs.  Our Mission:  “We long for a world where every child has hope and a future.”

Categories: Education, Kids, Social Services.

Sisanda FunDaytion

Contact: Nicky Seymour

Sisanda FunDaytion is a registered NPO (080-949-NPO) working to uplift the mental health and develop the potential of children and young people in underserved areas of Cape Town.

Our programmes are community driven, helping the next generation to thrive, and become contributing, resilient, happy members of society. We do this through play and a diverse range of recreational experiences.

Since 2009 we have connected over 9000 children with new and diverse ideas, places and people to help them find their spark, sharpen their life skills and experience a positive way to let go of difficult emotions. Since 2020 we have worked with 250 families to help them find ways to manage trying times and to work on family bonds to ensure home life is adding to healthy development and opportunity rather than depleting it.

Play is powerful. It creates connections, makes us feel good about ourselves and nudges us to keep growing. Think about why you cycle, why you are cycling this event, and ponder over the wide range of benefits you will get from it. This is the power of play.

Categories: Kids.

The Rondebosch Vuleka Trust

Contact: John During
083 625 4835

The Rondebosch Vuleka Trust is a registered PBO which exists to help both the Rondebosch Boys Prep and High schools succeed in their transformational goals and in creating diverse and integrated communities.
The Trust is a community partnership between the school bodies, the old boys and the parents working together to raise funds to financially assist disadvantaged Black pupils and their families with fee and other support costs necessary to succeed.
There are currently 7 boys fully or partially funded by Vuleka, together with many others who receive wrap-around support for their associated educational needs at the schools.

Categories: Education.

Hout Bay United Football Community (HBUFC) Trust

Contact: Iris Henkel
077 814 5296

“WHEELS FOR WHEELS” – We are Hout Bay United Football Community (HBUFC).
HBUFC is one of the biggest NPOs in Hout Bay; we use football for our social projects and programmes in such a way that we educate and prepare children, teenagers and young adults for a responsible and independent life.

Our mission is:

1. Encourage the communities to come together.
2. Get kids off the street and develop them through mentorship and coaching to improve life skills, school work & football ability. The programs themselves create jobs for players & locals.
3. Promote successful top class football and bring a common hope & pride to the people of Hout Bay.

HBUFC is a football club that is much more than a team and more than a game, and the 15 different HBUFC teams in 2023 covered well over 50 000 kms in the rainbow team buses … This requires a lot of maintenance!
We’re fundraising on two wheels to keep all the other HBUFC wheels on the road, safely transporting all our teams to their fixtures and events around the Western Cape.

#HBUFC #Wheelsforwheels #c4community

Categories: Education, Health, Kids, Social Services, Sports.

The Kusasa Project

Contact: Saskia Blaisse

Founded in 2006, THE KUSASA PROJECT helps at-risk children by providing an outstanding ‘Whole Child Education’ in our accredited independent primary school in the Cape Winelands. We seek to stimulate children’s minds & aspirations to a future beyond the shacks & poverty in which they now live. Every child deserves an opportunity to reach their unique, full potential – a Brighter & Healthier Tomorrow!

You are riding the Cape Town Cycle Tour, wonderful! Would you please consider creating your own fundraising campaign for our benefit to share with all your friends and family? Go to this link for detailed instructions how to do it: and give our children that extra support.
It’s all about the kids!

Categories: Education, Kids.


Contact: Mandy Spies

SOS Children’s Villages SA, established in 1982, is a social development organisation, focusing on the care, protection and development of children and youth who have already lost parental care, or face a significant risk of losing the care of their parents. Our vision is to see that every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security. Our mission is to build families for children in need, help them shape their own futures and share in the development of their communities. We offer a cradle to career continuum of care. We have a national footprint and work to positively impact the lives of 5000 beneficiaries.

Categories: Kids.

Hillsong Africa Foundation

Contact: Luzaack Julius

The heart of Hillsong Africa Foundation (HAF) is to equip, encourage and uplift those in need. Every day we have the opportunity to make a difference in our own backyard, ultimately building a nation, one person, one family and one community at a time. We are a non-profit organization based in South Africa that is passionate about building lives that will build the nation. We do this year-round through weekly programs that we run in different communities across the Western Cape and Gauteng.

We believe in building relationships with people and journeying with them to see their lives move forward.

Categories: Education, Kids.

WC Street Children’s Forum

Contact: Christopher de Beyer

We have a vision of strong, healthy families where children can reach their full potential, and where no child is living, working or begging on the street.

The WCSCF is a network of organisations working in partnership to create a coordinated, integrated and collaborative sector for children living, working or begging on the street and always acting in the best interest of the child (in accordance with the Constitution and Children’s Act 38 of 2005). Through facilitation of partnerships, we aim to identify and fill the GAPS and clear the BLOCKAGES that vulnerable children fall through.

Categories: Kids.

The Children’s Hospital Trust

Contact: Taryn Rubenstein

The Children’s Hospital Trust is a nonprofit organisation that raises funds to support the advancement of child healthcare across the Western Cape and the Continent. Working in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Health and health facilities and UCT Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, the Trust has invested over R1 billion towards improving public health infrastructure, training specialist paediatric health workers, and enabling the establishment of child public health programmes, both within the RCCWMH and across Western Cape district health services.

Categories: Health, Kids.

Groote Schuur Hospital Trust

Contact: Maymoonah Abrahams

Groote Schuur Hospital Trust raises funds to change the lives of patients at Groote Schuur Hospital – Cape Town’s premier tertiary academic hospital.
We do this by ensuring pioneering world-class healthcare for all.
We work in collaboration with multiple stakeholders – hospital management, staff, government, philanthropists, corporates, community members – by raising money for projects, treatments, innovations, and procedures that significantly improve patient lives but which the operating budget of the hospital cannot cover.
#ChangeSomeonesStory with us today.

Categories: Health.

Zip Zap Circus School

Contact: Liana Hendricks

Zip Zap is a vibrant, uniquely South African social and professional circus. Through circus arts we inspire and empower young people from all walks of life to pursue their dreams. We promote social cohesion, create opportunities, unlock potential and transfer skills for life.
Through circus arts, exposure to unique facilities and specialised equipment, Zip Zap offers a fun and creative experience as a therapeutic tool for social cohesion and transformation for the youth of Cape Town, South Africa. By facilitating 6 Outreach programmes, 3 Youth programmes and 1 vocational youth programme, Zip Zap reaches 2000 children annually. With a focus on circus and related skills at their core, all 10 programmes are offered free of charge to all the beneficiaries and are open to all children and youth.

Categories: Arts & Culture, Kids.

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