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The Argus Cycle Tour. The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour. The Cape Town Cycle Tour. In 44 years just two cyclists have ridden every edition of the world’s biggest bike race.

How do you stack up?

You can search for your name, by how many finishes you think you have racked up, or scroll through the log and marvel at the multi-timers who have ridden so many over the years.

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The top women

The top ten women Super-Cycle-Tourists.

Cyclist Name Age Finishes
Olga Basson 82 39
Marje Hemp 71 37
Janet Moss 71 37
Carina Berry 66 34
Deavoleen Evertson 66 34
Reline du Toit 71 33
Penny Krohn 70 33
Venetia Landman 59 33
Desiree de Jager 67 32
Elaine Lizzi 77 32

The top men

The top ten Super-Cycle-Tourists.

Cyclist Name Age Finishes
Gareth Holmes 64 44
Stephen Stefano 58 44
Selwyn Maggott 59 43
Neil Bramwell 42
Louis de Waal 85 42
Steph du Toit 75 42
David Lakay 67 42
Norman Shäfer 58 42
Charles van Wyk 62 42
Peter Bales 82 41

Club 21

The Cape Town Cycle Tour celebrates its most regular riders with dedicated back number designs for their tenth and 21st Tours. Club 21 takes that a step further, with a log of all riders with 21 or more finishes. Drop past the Club 21 stand in the number-collection area at the Expo and be part of the heritage of the event

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