Seeding and Seeding Events – Cape Town Cycle Tour

Seeding and Seeding Events

Based on the PPA seeding system, grouping at the Cape Town Cycle Tour has set the standard for events around the world, and ensures that riders start the race with others of similar ability and fitness. This helps reduce bottlenecks and the need to overtake slower riders on the route, keeping things safe for all riders.

Overseas entrants will automatically be put into one of the International start groups. Internationals who wish to race may query their seeding here.

It’s About Time

Using available results for events timed by RaceTec, a seeding index is calculated per person. This offers an indication of the person’s ability relative to other entrants.

Indexing Of Cyclists

An index of “0” means you are of the same ability as the winner, while a “100” index means we expect you to do roughly double the time of the winner.


Everyone with an index between 0 and approximately 100 is seeded into one of the seeded groups with riders of equal ability.

Important To Remember

An event may carry a penalty if it does not meet certain criteria. Example: distance or total ascent

Cycle Tour Seeding Results

Your best result in Cycle Tour seeding events, or the average of your best three other results (if better), is used to determine your seeding.

Seeding and Start Times

How does your seeding compare with your friends?

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Seeding Events

The following official 2021 Premier Seeding Events results will be used for the 2021 Cape Town Cycle Tour. You may also access these events on the downloadable PDF below.

Downloadable PDF Coming Soon

Cape Town Cycle Tour

Event Date: 8 March 2020
Distance: 109km
Type: Road
Province: Western Cape

Virtual Cape Town Cycle Tour on FulGaz

Event Date: 6-14 March 2021
Distance: 109km
Type: Virtual

PPA Sportive #1

Event Date: 30 May
Distance: 85km
Type: Road
Province: Western Cape

Cycle4Cansa Road Classic 2021

Event Date: 21 August 2021
Distance: 103km
Type: Road
Province: North West Province

Winelands Cycle Race

Event Date: 5 September 2021

Distance: 97.2km
Type: Road
Province: Western Cape

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