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Start Procedure

In line with the guidelines issued by the authorities and CSA around mass participation sporting events and to assist with the managing of uncontrolled gatherings before the start, the Cape Town Cycle Tour has devised plans for TRANSITION AREAS from which cyclists will be released.

There are four (4) of these Transition Areas through which cyclists will be guided before heading down to the start line and the timing mats for a rolling start.

The letters A, B, C, D on their race number will indicate each rider’s Transition Area.

For example if the race number is: 5C 52107

For start groups up to the end of 1B, each rider will receive an identical “bunch” start time.  From group 1C onwards, each rider’s riding time will only start once they have crossed the actual timing mat marked by the Garmin Squad.

NB note to riders: It is extremely important to plan your ride to the Transition Area very carefully. Plan to arrive at your Transition Area no more than 10 min before your start time. This start time will be given to you when you receive your final event number email confirmation.

Please ensure, that at all times, you adhere to all Covid-19 protocols and marshal instructions.

Wear your mask at all times when in the precinct. You may remove your mask approximately one (1) minute before your start time.

The Start Village

Where to get last-minute bike spares and caffeine fix, drop your tog bag and use the loo before you set out on the course.

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