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As the world’s biggest bike race, with more than 35 000 starters, the Cape Town Cycle Tour is not in a position to take ‘late entries’. In fact, the available entries tend to sell out within a few hours when the system opens in September each year. But life gets in the way, sometimes, and good intentions turn into entries for sale. Here is the ONLY way you can legally take over another rider’s number.

Withdraw from the Cycle Tour

If you are withdrawing, log into your Cape Town Cycle Tour profile and click on the ‘Allow Substitution’ button. This will release your entry for substitution.


Take up a substitution

Substitutions are now closed.



  1. The entrant withdrawing will not be refunded his/her entry fee.
  2. The entrant withdrawing may ask for the substitute entrant to refund their entry fee but they may not ask for more than they originally paid. PPA members paid an entry fee of R470 and non-PPA members paid an entry fee of R550.
  3. The substitute participant will be issued a new number in the start group for which he/she qualifies.
  4. Should the substitute participant not have their own RaceTec chip, they will be required to purchase one.
  5. Entrants may NOT allow anyone else to use the number allocated to them. If you do so, the participant will be disqualified and the entrant will be suspended from participating in future events. The race number is the organiser’s link to all the relevant contact details and information should you be involved in an accident. It is therefore vital that the information and person is matched correctly.
  6. Merchandise orders and chip purchases are not transferable.

If you are the new entrant, taking the place of the rider withdrawing:

  1. Ensure that the rider withdrawing has released their entry, see above.
  2. Log into the entry system  between 10 February and 20 February 2020.
  3. First enter your details, NOT the details of the person withdrawing.
  4. Select the correct category.
  5. Enter the details of the person withdrawing and select the relevant person’s record (based on their date of birth).
  6. Download a consent letter for the person withdrawing to complete. If you lose this letter, you can log in once your entry is saved and download the letter again.
  7. If you are entering as a tandem, you can enter your tandem partner at the same time as yourself if you have a cancellation for your tandem partner as well.
  8. If your tandem partner is already entered into the event, you can add their details to your consent letter so that we can link the two of you as a tandem entry.
  9. Pay the substitution fee of R260 per person by credit card. If you prefer to pay by cheque, you can select the option to ‘Pay later’. The next screen will give you the manual payment instructions. Please note that there is no option to pay by EFT.
  10. The person withdrawing must complete the downloaded consent letter and then fax it to 086 595 2441 or email it to Any payment or consent letter received after 20 February 2020 will be rejected.
  11. You will receive an email confirmation of your substitution entry within five working days of receipt of the consent letter. You will be notified of your race number and start time by 2 March 2020.
  12. Your race number will be available for collection at the counter corresponding with your start group at race pack and number collection at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo.


The substitution procedure applies only to South African citizens (international entrants should have no problem entering before 31 January 2020, and does not apply to group entrants, who must contact their group administrator in order to facilitate a substitution. Substitution carries a cost of R260. To take over the valid entry you will need to have the surname, first name and date-of-birth of the person withdrawing. And, obviously, their permission to take over their entry!

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