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Cape Town Cycle Tour Route Conditions

The Cape Town Cycle Tour circles the most beautiful bike route in the world. But much of it is through high-traffic, big-city road infrastructure that is constantly being repaired and improved. The City of Cape Town pulls out all the stops to make sure the route is perfect on the day, but there are still some points to be aware of.


After you have negotiated a very short, but bumpy and narrow hurdle in Lakeside, just after the right turn onto Main Road, the stretch from Muizenberg to Glencairn is essentially road-works-free, after many years, but still has plenty of narrow sections and man-hole covers to avoid.


Be on the lookout for beach sand in the road as you approach Simonstown from Glencairn – clean up crews are working tirelessly to remove it all, but the howling southeaster doesn’t always listen to us. It will be cleared for Sunday morning, but if the wind is blowing, Mother Nature may have returned some.


The much-talked-about new road surface is rough and unpleasant, but is no longer loose, mostly. Stay away from the edges, where the tar may be more crumbly, and beware of hidden cat-eyes, where the contractors simply tarred over portions of them. The Cycle Tour covers the exposed ones, but these half-hidden ones are a menace. Also, take it easy through the toll booths, as usual, as the road narrows. The toll-masters will have removed the ugly plastic speedbumps before you head through, thankfully.


The technical challenge is no longer the tight circle at the bottom of St John’s road, but the concrete road shortly thereafter. There are subtle changes in surface and bumps – the early start groups need to pay attention here.

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The most beautiful bike race in the world circles the Cape Peninsula, starting and finishing in the shadow of Table Mountain, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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