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Garmin Navigation

Download the Garmin file for the 2021 Cape Town Cycle Tour Route below – not that it is easy to get lost on the day, with a gazillion marshals and officials ready to shout you back on course if you try!

One of the file formats should be compatible with your unit, no matter its make or model – double check your user manual to find out which one to download, and how to get it onto your gizmo.


Compatible Edge devices (Garmin’s most popular) can import .crs, .fit, .gpx, and .tcx1 files to the NewFiles folder.

To import the file(s) to the Edge:

Transfer the file(s) from Garmin Connect with Garmin Express

Manually load the file(s) to Edge:

The Edge will process files located in the NewFiles folder and convert into .fit files for use.

The Edge 510 and 810 added .tcx file support with a software update.

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