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On the Route

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is a logistical marvel.

To safely usher so many cyclists around the 109km route requires precision planning, and cut-offs are strictly enforced with sweep vehicles at the ready to pick up bodies and bikes that can’t be fixed by the on-route mechanical and medical angels.

Route Map

The most beautiful bike race in the world circles the Cape Peninsula, starting and finishing in the shadow of Table Mountain, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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Assistance along the route

Most Refreshment Stations will have a medical tent, a physio service and mechanical support, as well as Coke, Powerade and water. There will be mechanics on motorbikes carrying limited spares en route. Wave them down if you need assistance, otherwise make your way to a refreshment station and get assistance there. Please ensure you carry sufficient bike spares on you.

Cut-Off points and times

Refreshment Station 2 (End of M3)  – 10h15

Glencairn Expressway (Black Hill Road, Glencairn) – 11h15

Refreshment Station 7 (Perdekloof) – 13h00

Refreshment Station 9 (Noordhoek) – 14h00

Hout Bay (Main Road and Princess Road circle) – 15h00

Finish Line – 17h00

To ensure your safety, and that of other road users, a number of cut-off points have been established. You must pass each point before its closure to reach the finish in time to complete this year’s Cycle Tour. The last cyclists must cross the finish line by 17h00.

If you have not reached a specific cut-off point in time, you will have to get onto one of the sweep buses provided, which will take you and your bike back to the finish at Green Point.

The City of Cape Town has granted the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust (CTCTT) the exclusive use of the route roads for the duration of the event. However, once the City’s traffic authorities open sections of the route for regular traffic  flow, these sections are no longer under the control of the CTCTT.

Please be friendly to the marshals who are there to assist you. They are only doing their job and acting under instruction of the CTCTT.

Sweep operations

The Mega and Mini Sweep plan is in place to collect cyclists who are unable to complete the event and need to return to the finish village. This operation comprises 15 Mini Sweep vehicles and 14 Mega Sweep buses.

The Mini Sweep vehicles are shuttle type vehicles and can accommodate between eight and 20 passengers with trailers for bicycles. These vehicles drive the route collecting cyclists unable to complete the event. Mini Sweep vehicles are also stationed along the route in strategic places and are scheduled to leave at different times, so as to ensure a constant flow of Mini Sweep vehicles travelling the route at any one time.

The Mega Sweep buses are provided to the Cycle Tour by MyCiti, and are made up of commuter 60 seater buses. Large trucks follow these buses to transport bicycles. These buses are strategically positioned along the route to collect cyclists from Mini Sweep vehicles and return them back to the finish village.

Cyclists who do not make the cut-off at the times specified are requested to board a Mega Sweep bus. All cyclists are recorded which allows for the race control team to identify which cyclists have been collected by sweep vehicles.

Hopefully you can make it around the Cape Town Cycle Tour route in time and enjoy a great day on the bike. If for some reason, you can’t, help is at hand.

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