Seeding and Seeding Events

Seeding is the process used to determine the start time per entrant. Its purpose is to group cyclists together in bunches of equal ability, thereby reducing the need for overtaking as well as the risk of accidents or bottlenecks.

Participants who only ride in events abroad may forward details of their recent cycling achievements to The events would have to be a distance of 70km or more to be considered for seeding. Include the following information in your email about your completed events; distance, overall winner’s time, your time and total ascent (provide as much information as possible). If this is not provided, you will be placed in one of the International start groups.

How Seeding Works

It’s About Time

Using available results for events timed by RaceTec, a seeding index is calculated per person. This offers an indication of the person’s ability relative to other entrants.

Indexing  Cyclists

An index of “0” means you are of the same ability as the winner, while a “100” index means we expect you to do roughly double the time of the winner.


Everyone with an index between 0 and approximately 100 is seeded into one of the seeded groups with riders of equal ability.

Important To Remember

An event may carry a penalty if it does not meet certain criteria. Example: distance or total ascent.

Cycle Tour Seeding Results

Your best result in Cycle Tour seeding events, or the average of your best three other results (if better), is used to determine your seeding.

Enter A Seeding Event

Take part in any of our Premier Seeding Events (listed below) and your rider index will be calculated, taking your Seeding Event/s times into consideration.

Seeding Events

The following official 2017 Premier Seeding Events results will be used for the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour. You may also access these events on the downloadable PDF below.

Downloadable PDF


Event Date: 5 November 2017
Distance: 99km
Type: Road
Province: Gauteng

Cycle Tour

Event Date: 5 November 2017
Distance: 105km
Type: Road
Province: Free State

Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge

Event Date: 5 November 2017
Distance: 114km
Type: Road
Province: Gauteng

Telkom 947 MTB Challenge

Event Date: 12 November 2017
Distance: 55km
Type: Mountain
Province: Gauteng

Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge

Event Date: 19 November 2017
Distance: 94.7km
Type: Road
Province: Gauteng

Medihelp Stellenbosch
Cycle Tour

Event Date: 3 December 2017
Distance: 97km
Type: Road
Province: Western Cape