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Seeding FAQs

How does indexing work?
Using available Cycle Tour approved results for events, a seeding index is calculated per person. This offers an indication of the person’s ability relative to other entrants. An index of “0” means you are of the same ability as the winner, while a “100” index means we expect you to do roughly double the time of the winner. Everyone with an index between 0 and approximately 100 is seeded into one of the seeded groups with riders of equal ability.

How to query my seeding:
If you wish to query your Cycle Tour seeding, you can send an email to You will need to provide an event result from the last 12 months that is 86km or more, that has been officially timed. With this you will need to include your time as well as the elite men’s winning time.

The following will not be considered as forms of improving your start time:

How is my group allocated?

Elite men: You must have a UCI-recognised racing licence with an age category from junior to 35-39. Since October 2024, you also need to have finished in the main bunch of an event where the top riders in the country were present provided the finishing bunch was less than 30 riders. The group is limited to 150 riders, so a good index alone will not get you into the group.

Elite women and U17 boys (78km route): Women require a UCI-recognised racing licence and U17 boys require a CSA membership. To participate in either of these groups you should be able to comfortably sit in a bunch at speeds of up to 50km/h on the flats and climb hills like Chapmans Peak and Suikerbossie at a sustained speed of 17km/h. You may request to be moved to these groups if you believe you qualify. Women’s age group prizes from ages 17 to 39 will be awarded from the elite women’s race group.

Men’s age group racing groups
The @ group is for men aged 40-49 and elites aged 17-29 who do not qualify for the Elite race who have an index under 20. Men’s age group prizes for age groups 40-49 will be awarded from this group only.
The & group is for men aged 30-39 and 50+ who have an index under 20. Men’s age group prizes for age groups 50-59 will be awarded from this group only.

General seeded
From group 1A to 3F, riders are seeded according to their index achieved in the qualifying events. Women hoping to compete for the age group prizes in the range 40-49 should request to be placed in 1A.

International riders who do not qualify to go earlier based on ability are seeded in groups 4C to 4E.

From wave 4 onwards, we continue seeding riders according to ability but we also add a few special cases into each group.

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